The Riga Photography Biennial (RPB) is an international contemporary art event, focussing on the latest in art-based photography, centring mainly on Latvia, the Baltics and Europe.

The concept for the Riga Photography Biennial is closely connected to the Baltic Sea region photo festival in Riga, Riga Photomonth 2014, which commenced in May 2014. The latter’s program encompassed about 30 different photo events – exhibitions, lectures, self-publishing events, cinema film showings, creative workshops etc., in which artists, curators and publishers from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, France, the USA, Japan, the United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries took part.

In January 2015, half of the founders of Riga Photomonth – Inga Bruvere and Aiga Dzalbe left and established a new event - the Riga Photography Biennale, together with Ieva Epnere, Maija Rudovska, Liga Lindenbauma (Latvia) and Marie Sjovold (Norway).

The Riga Photography Biennial 2016 will take place in April and will conceptually focus on current geopolitical events in our region – memories, dreams and reality. This will be carried out in two primary blocs – curated exhibitions with the latest in Latvian, Baltic and European art photography, as well as a contextual insight into our historical legacy, and through an inter-disciplinary symposium, which will take place over a number of days, the aim of which will be to talk, analyse and discuss today’s art photography using various formats. Foreign and Latvian institutions, internationally acclaimed artists and curators, as well as experts in photography and other fields will be taking part in the development of the biennial. A special publication will be released reflecting program events, and will contain academic articles and interviews with participants. New artists will also receive special attention at the biennial.